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Navigation Options

View All Routes

You can view all the routes we have on one page. The routes are grouped by state and road to make locating a particular route easier.

Guided Search

You can use our guided search to have a wizard walk you through picking a route step-by-step. Choose a state, road, direction, start point, and end point.

Keyword Search

You can use our keyword search to search using keywords. Enter a combination of state, road name, road numbers, direction, etc. If you are an advanced user you can enter one of our route identifiers. We also accept GTIS identifiers. Add multiple keywords, separated a space, to narrow your results. Prefix a keyword with the @ sign for an exact match on that keyword.

Menu Bar Navigation

The site's main navigation menu allows you to use a multi-level drop down menu to locate every route we have. Just start with one of the state menu items and go from there.

Classic Site

If you prefer a simpler user experience based on older, and highly compatible, web technologies please visit our classic site at